Oldest Store Museum Experience

Oldest Store Museum exhibit featuring a wheel and a counter

Watch in amazement as our friendly clerks, butcher, and snake oil salesman demonstrate the very latest inventions for turn-of-the-century living. Meet the proprietor, Mr. C.F. Hamblen. Step back in time and discover the latest and best time-saving miracles from 1900!

guests standing outside the Oldest Store Museum

See and Learn About:

  • Steam-driven tractors
  • Tonics & elixirs
  • Farm equipment
  • Health underwear
  • Worm syrup
  • Corn sheller
  • Collars & corsets
  • Guns & ammunition
  • Grain thresher
  • Goat-powered washing machine
  • Bikes & trikes
  • Gossip and so much more
Oldest Store Museum carriage exhibit