Executive Team, Directors and General Managers

Chris Belland
Edwin O. Swift, III
Vice President of Operations
Edwin O. Swift IV
Vice President of Strategic Planning
Christian Belland
Freddy M. Varela
Chief Operating Officer
Charlie Brazil
Vice President of Marketing
Piper L. Smith
Director of Ticketing Operations
Vincent A. Leone
Director of Travel Industry Sales
Rod LaBranche
Director of Real Estate & Property Management
Joyce Unke
General Manager of National Retail Sales
Nelson Nodal
Chief Information Officer
Ryan Darrah
Director of Risk Management and Insurance
William V. Meagher III
Director of Human Resources
Joanna Huestis
National Director of Art Design
Montgomery “Monte” Triz
Revenue Manager
Jason Renault
General Manager of Old Town Trolley in Boston, MA
Chris Crompton
Executive Director and Vice President of the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum
Shawn P. Ford
General Manager of Old Town Trolley, and Arlington National Cemetery Tours in Washington, DC
Eric S. Holmes
General Manager of Old Town Trolley in Nashville, TN
Steve Burress
General Manager of Old Town Trolley Tours of St. Augustine
David Chatterton
General Manager of all San Diego operations, Old Town Trolley, SEAL Tours and Old Town Market
David Thornton
General Manager of Old Town Trolley Tours of Savannah
Garry Patrick
Director of Attractions, Old Town Trolley Tours of Savannah
Kayla Black
Director of Operations Key West
Clinton Curry
Transportainment General Manager in Key West, FL
Richard Sanders-Fox
General Manager of Attractions in Key West
Brent Lyons
General Manager, Yankee Freedom III
Brett Unke