Real Estate

offices of Historic Tours of America in Key West

Historic Tours of America has its roots in real estate, construction and renovation.

The original company from which Historic Tours of America was eventually conceived, came from the partners’ original company, Old Town Key West Development, LLC. This company was one of the primary early developers in the 1970s after the closing down of the century-old navy base on Truman Annex. With the mainstay of the economy leaving Key West, the community turned its sights on a new industry, tourism. The renovation of older buildings and new construction on the main street was the genesis of an island-wide restoration of the hundreds of pre-19th century homes that, today, is one of the largest collections of its type in the world. The architecture of Key West embodies sturdy New England designs with the weather-conscious features of island living. Old Town Key West Development, LLC has won numerous awards for its early efforts in this regard and remains proud of its part in the Key West of today.