Discover the Allure of Savannah

Step into the enchanting tapestry of Savannah, Georgia, where the past dances with the present, and history comes alive at every turn. At Historic Tours of America, we are honored to be your guide through this captivating city, showcasing its rich historical heritage and preserving its cherished landmarks for generations to come.

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Hop Aboard the Orange and Green...

Discover the allure of Savannah aboard our iconic orange and green trolleys, where entertainment, education, and a touch of humor intertwine. Led by our knowledgeable and friendly conductors, our immersive experiences transport you to the birthplace of Girl Scouts Founder Juliette Gordon Low, the historic squares, and the renowned Sorrel-Weed House, revealing the diverse chapters of Savannah’s vibrant history.

Hop aboard one of our trolleys and you’ll experience Transportainment®, a delightful combination of transportation and entertainment.

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Step Aboard the Trolley of the Doomed

For those seeking an otherworldly adventure, step aboard the Trolley of the Doomed and embark on the Ghosts & Gravestones tour. As darkness falls, Savannah reveals its spooky side as “America’s Most Haunted City.” Delve into the haunted halls of the Andrew Low House, where apparitions and unexplained phenomena stir the imagination. Traverse the haunted Perkin’s & Son’s Ship Chandlery on River Street, where the spirits of the past still linger. Brace yourself for an evening of spine-chilling tales and ghostly encounters that will leave you with a sense of wonder.

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Preserving Savannah's historical sites is not only a testament to the past, but also a celebration of the resilience and creativity of those who shaped this remarkable city.

Savanah Cotton Exchange

These landmarks connect us to our shared heritage, offering a profound understanding of our nation’s journey. Historic Tours of America takes great pride in contributing to the preservation and celebration of Savannah’s extraordinary history. Through our immersive experiences, we aim to foster a deep appreciation for the city’s cultural richness and its invaluable place in America’s tapestry.

Group tour at the american prohibition museum

Transport yourself back to the roaring 1920s at the American Prohibition Museum, nestled in Savannah’s lively City Market. Immerse yourself in the age of mobsters and flappers, as you uncover the captivating stories behind the 18th Amendment’s unintended consequences. Marvel at the restored Prohibition-era vehicles, explore the extensive collection of artifacts and immerse yourself in captivating dioramas and hi-tech immersive displays. And don’t forget to savor the experience of an authentic speakeasy, where craft cocktails await your discovery.

For a side-splittingly hilarious history lesson, climb aboard the Savannah for Morons Trolley Tour. Hosted by the infamous Moron Twins, Dannie and Danny, this high-energy romp through Savannah’s past will have you in stitches. Prepare for outrageous comedy skits, toe-tapping musical numbers, and hilarious anecdotes that span from the founding of Georgia’s colony to the Civil War. From iconic landmarks to little-known trivia, Savannah for Morons will keep you entertained, enlightened, and laughing out loud.

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Join us as we celebrate the magic of Savannah and its extraordinary attractions

Savannah Talmadge Bridge at night

Let us be your guide to the timeless charm, captivating tales, and architectural wonders that define this city. Explore Savannah’s rich history, immerse yourself in its vibrant culture, and create cherished memories that will endure for a lifetime. Historic Tours of America is delighted to showcase Savannah’s unique heritage and share its profound contributions to America’s rich tapestry. Together, let’s unlock the secrets and beauty of Savannah’s past and present.


Choose Your Tickets

Whether you’re just breezing through or enjoying an extended stay, we’ve got several options to choose from to help you maximize your time in Savannah and still see the best first!

1-Day Trolley

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  • 1 day of free unlimited re-boarding
  • Hop on and off ALL DAY at 15 Stops
  • Open-air sightseeing perfect for taking pictures
  • More than 100 points of interest
  • Free Parking with On/Off Tour*

2-Day Trolley

  • 2 consecutive days of free unlimited re-boarding
  • Hop on and off ALL DAY at 15 Stops
  • Open-air sightseeing perfect for taking pictures
  • More than 100 points of interest
  • Free Parking with On/Off Tour**

Savannah for Morons

Guide wearing a wig in savannah tour for morons
  • Reservations required*
  • A comedy trolley tour - 90 minutes in length
  • One rest stop and beverage break**
  • Tour is rated PG-13; guests must be 13 and up

Ghosts & Gravestones

Ghost & Gravestones tour in Savannah
  • EXCLUSIVE night-time entry into 2 of Savannah’s Most Haunted Venues
  • FIRST is a stop at the Andrew Low House
  • THEN on to the Perkin’s & Son’s Ship Chandlery
  • Travel Past Ancient Cemeteries, Antebellum Mansions & Squares
  • Drive by the Sites of Some of the Bloodiest Battlegrounds in History

Ghost Hunters of Savannah Paranormal Investigation

OTT savannah ghost hunters abandoned distillery
  • Participate in an actual paranormal investigation with our expert guides.
  • Get hands-on with the latest ghost hunting equipment.
  • Learn the darker side of Savannah.
  • Track down evidence of ghosts and other supernatural beings.

American Prohibition Museum

  • Restored Prohibition era vehicles that “drive” the period’s history
  • More than 200 historic artifacts that connect you to the past
  • Photos, murals and videos that captivate the senses
  • Craft cocktail speakeasy that serves up authentic Prohibition-era drinks

Ghost Town Trolley Tour

Ghost Town Tour - Trolley with Spooky arch behind
  • Learn the untold spectral history of Savannah
  • Visit Colonial Park Cemetery
  • Walk through two of Savannah’s most haunted squares


Step Back in Time and Explore Savannah Culture

Groups, Charters & Weddings

Plan an unforgettable experience for your group event with Historic Tours of America.

Groups & Charters

  • Enjoy discounted rates
  • Custom design your rental
  • Private tour guide provided for charters
  • Combine a rental with attractions


  • Bring your guests to your event on time
  • Ride in classic Savannah style
  • Personalize your ride
  • Be treated to a red-carpet experience!

Hometown Pass

Locals receive Free Admission!

Included* with Your Savannah Hometown Pass:

  • Old Town Trolley Tours
  • American Prohibition Museum
  • Ghost Hunters of Savannah Paranormal Investigation
Savannah trolley at Telfair Academy

Our Free Hometown Pass is the best way to entertain visiting friends and family!

All residents of Bryan, Effingham, Liberty & Chatham counties in Georgia and Jasper County and Beaufort County in South Carolina can take advantage of some of our tours and attractions for FREE when accompanied by an adult full-fare paid guest.* It’s Simple, Fast & Best of all… Free!

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