El Meson de Pepe dining room

El Meson de Pepe

A celebration of the rich Cuban influence on the island of Key West, El Meson de Pepe offers savory Cuban cuisine in an authentic setting. Located inside the Casa Cayo Hueso y Habana Historeum, Pepe’s is a family-owned and operated restaurant. Since 1984, Pepe’s has lured visitors and locals alike with their flavorful Cuban dishes that are as aromatic as they are delicious. In the evenings, the restaurant’s patio bar comes alive with salsa music and dancing as the world-famous Mallory Square Sunset Celebration gets underway.

display of food and El Meson de Pepe

Did You Know?

The foods we call island cuisine are actually Bahamian in origin. Foods like conch chowder, conch fritters, conch steaks and conch salad. Even the nickname conch comes from early Bahamian settlers.

El Meson de Pepe bar at sunset