Washington DC Educational Field Trip

An Adventure in History!® For 8th grade students in Washington DC’s public schools, our “We the People” Educational Tour is a day filled with excitement, entertainment and enriching historical experiences.

Students at school trip

Specifically designed to enhance and reinforce classroom American History lessons and curriculum, this full day tour is a comprehensive look at the U.S. Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. The tour begins at the start of the school day when the Old Town Trolley picks up the students at school.

First on the route is a stop at the Capitol Building where our knowledgeable guide will engage the students in an interactive discussion about Article I of the Constitution. Here, the students will see, hear and talk about the Legislative Branch of our government, Congress and the Senate.

They’ll also visit Lafayette Park and learn about the Executive Branch of the United States, The White House, the President and other topics relating to Article II and the First Amendment to the Constitution. The tour will also take them to the Lincoln Memorial, the FDR Memorial and to the Supreme Court Building. At each stop, its significance as it relates to the shaping of our country and our government is brought to light in interesting narratives, interactive activities and amusing anecdotes. The tour also includes a complimentary lunch at the Department of Agriculture.

Guide with students at fields trip

Before heading back to school, the students will have an extraordinary experience as they take a docent led tour of the National Archives where they will view the Declaration of Independence.

Old Town Trolley Tours “We the People” Field Trip offers an opportunity for 8th graders to get a first-hand look at the many people and places that have influenced our lives and our future. It’s an excursion that will become a memory of a lifetime.

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