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The Whaley House Museum
San Diego, California
Whaley House at nightStep back in time as you explore the legendary Whaley House. Home to the famed Whaley Family, the two-story Greek Revival home was designed by Thomas Whaley and made from bricks created in Whaley’s very own brickyard. Considered the first of its kind and costing more than $10,000 upon completion, this home became a beacon for the community of San Diego throughout generations. The home’s long history of spine-chilling events and paranormal activity have also added to the lore of the Whaley House. Widely regarded as the most haunted house in America, visitors travel from all over the world come to learn about its chilling past. Spend time immersing yourself in the rich history of San Diego and see exactly what makes the Whaley House such a local treasure.
To learn more, go to The Whaley House
The American Prohibition Museum
Savannah, Georgia
guests at cayo hueso Travel back in time to the early 1900s, an era where anti-alcohol rallies swept the nation and Prohibition was pushed to the forefront of American politics. Through immersive displays and intoxicating exhibits, learn about the passing of the 18th Amendment and its unintended consequences. Not your typical “Dry” Museum, this one-of-a-kind attraction features state-of-the-art displays including an extensive collection of moonshine stills and an authentic speakeasy.
To learn more, go to The American Prohibition Museum
Cayo Hueso y Habana Historeum
Key West, Florida
guests at cayo hueso Like many places throughout Florida, Key West has a diverse past, marked by colorful contrasts of many different cultures. One of the strongest influences in the city comes from the influx of Cubans in the city’s earliest days. It was the 1860s when Cuban cigar makers came to Key West in great numbers to work and sell their products. They had such a powerful presence on the island that Key West became known as Cigar City USA. Today, we can all experience that era by visiting Casa Cayo Hueso y Habana Historeum located in a historic warehouse in Mallory Square. The heritage and flavor of Cuba come alive throughout the museum, where you can sample true Cuban specialties, see marvelous works of art, exhibits and artifacts and witness first-hand how the Cuban Cigar is made. Shop, dine and enjoy a stroll through this unique Key West attraction.
To learn more, go to Cayo Hueso y Habana Historeum
Sails to Rails Museum at Flagler Station
Key West, Florida
front of Flagler Station museumGuests to the Sails to Rails Museum will journey through the Age of Sail, a time when tall ships plied the treacherous waters of the Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico and Florida Keys from the 1500s to early 1900s. These waters were once filled with treasure-laden Spanish galleons, dreaded pirates, merchant ships and more as the New World made its riches known to all who sailed her waters. As a young nation began to grow and her influence grew, the Age of Sail gave way to The Age of Rail. Railroads opened up frontiers of this emerging nation whose commerce, wealth and independence reached out to many. The United States of America was built on the foundation of its railroads and Florida was certainly no exception. The Age of Rail, particularly for Florida, was an opportunity for expansion.
To learn more, go to Overseas Railroad Museum
Harry S. Truman Little White House
Key West, Florida
harry s truman little white houseA charming dwelling that looks much like many early authentic Key West homes, the Little White House earned its reputation and name back in 1946 when President Harry Truman first arrived on the island. Built in 1890 as a base home for the Naval Commander, the residence served many purposes until it became Truman’s winter home. Although he originally planned on staying for just a few days, Harry Truman quickly fell in love with Key West and ended up spending 175 days. He worked many of those days, holding important meetings, writing policies and hosting prestigious guests. It is said that the Department of Defense was created when the Joint Chiefs of Staff met here in 1948. Now, all of us can share in the adoration Truman felt for the island and this special home. Tours are led by knowledgeable guides that share information about Truman’s life in the home, his presidency, the history of the Little White House and more. You’ll also get a chance to see personal items, artifacts and furniture from that time period.
To learn more, go to Harry S. Truman Little White House
Key West Aquarium
Key West, Florida
guests at aquarium touch tankEver wondered what it would be like to see a sea turtle up close in its own environment? Now you can, without ever going underwater. At the Key West Aquarium, these and other fascinating marine species are on display, in their natural environments, ready to be seen and many touched! The Key West Aquarium was founded in 1934 and since then has opened a window to the world of the indigenous sea animals of the Florida Keys. Here, visitors of all ages can see an array of fish, moray eels, sea turtles, sharks, barracuda, tarpon, grouper, tropical fish and much more. And, if you’re up for a little excitement, you can stop by our touch tank to pet some of our friendly residents. Tour the Aquarium that’s known for its amazing animals, catch one of our daily turtle feedings and learn more about the underwater wonderland that exists all around the Florida Keys.
To learn more, go to Key West Aquarium
Key West Shipwreck Treasure Museum
Key West, Florida
guests inside shipwreck museum looking at artifactsTake a voyage back to a time when hundreds of ships sailed into Key West each day. In an era where captains and their crew risked their lives trying to make it into port—hoping to safely navigate over the treacherous reefs that lie below. It was a time of grave danger and a time of great wealth. This was the age of the wreckers and when Key West became the richest city in the United States. At the Key West Shipwreck and Treasures Museum, you’ll see first-hand how the wreckers lived and the results of their efforts to save the crew and the ships that crashed while sailing into Key West. Through live presentations, films, exhibits and artifacts, you’ll have the chance to learn more about this important part of Key West history. Climb to the top of the 65-foot observation tower, meet a master wrecker and his crew and view authentic items recovered from a vessel that sunk in the 1850’s.
To learn more, go to Key West Shipwreck & Treasures Museum
Mallory Square
Key West, Florida
mallory squareOne of Key West’s most visited attractions, Mallory Square offers entertainment and fun any time of the day or night. For those who enjoy shopping, there’s an abundance of quaint boutiques, unique gift and souvenir shops and other stores that offer a myriad of diverse items. A few hours before sunset, the scene begins to set for an evening of extraordinary activity. Magicians, musicians, jugglers, fire-eaters and other performers take to the street to dazzle and delight the crowd as they gather to await the breathtaking sunset. Local restaurants cook up homemade conch fritters, key lime pie and other Key West specialties, while beverages, cocktails, beer and wine are put on ice to accompany the delicacies. It’s an experience that all who visit Key West should not miss, where locals and travelers from all over the world are inspired by the same magnificent sight—the sun as it blazes a trail across the horizon.
To learn more, go to Mallory Square
The Old Jail
St. Augustine, Florida
guests inside old jailOn your next visit to St. Augustine, be sure to make a stop at the Old Jail. Built by Henry Flagler in 1891, the Jail was operational for more than 60 years and housed 72 prisoners at a time. Take a tour of the maximum security cells and meet Sheriff Joe Perry who’ll fill you in on how executions were held right there in the gallows. Take a walk through the men’s and women’s cells and see where the warden and his family lived just footsteps away. Try to find your way out as the voices of prisoners from the past call out to you. Children and adults are welcome at the Old Jail; it’s a fun and entertaining experience!
To learn more, go to The Old Jail
St. Augustine History Museum
St. Augustine, Florida
guests at st augustin history museumExplore Florida’s unique history in a museum dedicated to bringing it all to life.  At the St. Augustine History Museum, you’ll have an opportunity to see displays from England, France and Spain and learn about how these countries ruled over St. Augustine and their influence on the culture and heritage of the city. Walk through a Spanish Sunken Treasure room and view real items that were recovered from the Galleon. Learn about how America finally regained their hold on the city and what this meant to the colonists and those that came after. The St. Augustine History Museum provides guests with the chance to learn about Florida’s history spanning across more than 400 years.
To learn more, go to St. Augustine History Museum
Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum
Boston, Massachusetts
kids and guide standing on boat deckBe a part of history at the Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum. Dump tea in the harbor alongside the patriots and feel the emotion they must have felt as they fought for our freedom. This floating museum took years to construct and includes the most cutting-edge, multi-sensory technology to bring the events that led up to the American Revolution to life right before your eyes.

There’s nothing that compares to strolling onboard the replicas of the Beaver, Eleanor and Dartmouth—the original tea ships that were docked in Griffin’s Wharf in December of 1773. While you’re here, you won’t be a visitor, instead a participant, as you interact with the colonists, listen and watch as they relive the moments, the passion and the determination that compelled them to act out against the unfair tax laws. You’ll be immersed in the action during a stunning, interactive short film that tells the story of how it all began and get an up close look at one of the only two surviving tea chests from the Boston Tea Party. Explore, discover and become enlightened at the most unique museum encounter you’ll ever experience.
To learn more, go to Boston Tea Party Ship & Museum
Oldest Store Museum Experience
St. Augustine, Florida
oldest store museumWatch in amazement as our friendly clerks, butcher and snake oil salesman demonstrate the very latest inventions for turn-of-the-century living. Meet the proprietor, Mr. C.F. Hamblen. Step back in time and discover the latest and best time saving miracles from 1900!
To learn more, go to The Oldest Store Museum Experience
Potter's Wax Museum
St. Augustine, Florida
Potter's Wax Exhibit Ray Charles exhibit It’s been more than 50 years since Potter’s Wax Museum first began entertaining and intriguing visitors in Historic St. Augustine. Today, visitors can enjoy the same sense of wonderment when they enter this unique museum located on Orange Avenue. It’s here that the modern day Potter’s still showcases more than 145 figures from the past and present, from US Presidents and sports stars to characters from motion pictures, television, the entertainment industry and literary works.
To learn more, go to Potter's Wax Museum
Truman Little White House VIP White Glove Tour
Key West, Florida
Harry Truman limousineEnjoy the Presidential treatment with the Truman Little White House - White Glove VIP Tour. Visited by Presidents, dignitaries, royalty, Prime Ministers, and an array of prestigious people, the Harry S. Truman Little White House in Key West holds a special place in the history of the United States. Go back to the era when our 33rd President spent 175 days in the Conch Republic at Florida’s only Presidential site. Finish the day with a memorable VIP ride in one of President Truman’s 1950 Lincoln Cosmopolitan Limousines.
To learn more, go to Truman Little White House VIP White Glove Tour
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