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About Historic Tours of America
Historic Tours of America, Inc. is an entertainment company which provides historically oriented vacation experiences for our guests through the operation of trolleys, street trains, high speed ferry, themed retail stores, festival marketplaces and other historic tourist attractions in Key West, Florida; Boston, Massachusetts; San Diego, California; Savannah, Georgia; Washington DC and St. Augustine, Florida. Our strategy is to capitalize on the Historic Tours of America brand, while focusing on heritage tourism. In this process, we will maintain our emphasis on guest communication and satisfaction, product value, superior vehicles and industry trends to profitably expand our entertainment business in each of the cities in which we currently operate and in other vacation destinations across the United States. READ E-BOOK

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cover of Truman and trolley brochuresBrand identity
Our brand identity is a major component of our strategy. Our brochures have been redesigned to include a more comprehensive overview of our company. Our signage, public relations, training content, marketing and brochure distribution have all been brand-enhanced. Our intention is to invest significant capitol in brand recognition techniques in the near term. Historic Tours of America's brand should position us to the traveling public as a safe, fun, informative high value way to spend vacation time. We believe that future brand recognition will allow us to realize higher profits as customers will recognize the value we have provided in the past and choose us over our competitors.


Facilities and equipment
Historic Tours of America’s tour operations require buildings in which to store and maintain our tour vehicles (which we refer to as car barns) and retail and welcome center sites from which we sell tickets, souvenirs and gift items. Our car barns are located in industrial sites, which are situated in the core of each of the cities in which we operate; and our welcome centers and retail sites are located strategically along our tour route in each of these cities. Since we have operated in cities which have experienced an increase in real estate values, our real estate portfolio has become a valuable part of our business.

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  Savannah, Georgia has become the fictional home of movies like Forrest Gump, Glory, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil and more...  
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Our depth in construction management allows us to handle, in-house, all of our construction needs in Florida, from new construction and renovation, to building the fixtures for our retail outlets and our attractions. When we build projects outside of Florida, our construction affiliate personally supervises general contractors and the quality of each project. Our first company, Old Town Key West Development, LTD, is still active today and is currently landlord to over 200 individual tenants.

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Whaley House in the evening
Buy your Whaley House Museum tickets online and reserve your spot today! Museum now open.
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